2014-16 Elected Officers
NMHSA Board of Directors Consist of the following:
Note: Membership Classes are described in the "Members" Menu above.
  • Four representatives from Class A
  • Four representatives from Class B
  • Two representatives from Class C
  • Two Representatives from Class D
  • The Ex Officio member (immediate past president) and at least two non-voting Class E members.

The Board of Directors are responsible, amoung other duties, for:
  • Setting Policy and overseeing the implementation of the policy
  • Approving all policy statements issued on behalf of the NMHSA
  • Approving disbursements for the NMHSA
  • Appointing and serving as chairpersons of committees
  • Devising and carrying into operation such other measures as they deem proper and expedient to promote the objectives of the NMHSA
  • Insure representation on the New Mexico Head Start Collaboration Project Advisory Committee
  • Develop an annual budget for the NMHSA