There are five classes of members in the NMHSA:
  • Class A
NMHSA Program Directors - the Director of Head Start/Early Head Start Grantee or Delegate Agency as recognized by the Region VI office.
  • Class B
NMHSA Program Staff - any person currently employed with any local Head Start/Early Head Start Program who is not in Class A above.
  • Class C
NMHSA Program Parents - any parent with a child currently enrolled in a local Head Start/Early Head Start Program.
  • Class D
NMHSA Program Friends - Class D members consist of individuals of the NMHSA other than Class A, Class B, or Class C.
  • Class E
Non-voting Honorary Members - Class E members consists of individuals of the NMHSA other than Class A, Class B, Class C or Class D.  This class of member is primarily available for individuals whose employment status prohibits voting privileges and includes the State Collaboration Director and T&TA Specialist.

Membership in the NMHSA is automatically granted to all individuals who are paid members of the class they represent.  Members receive a packet that includes the NMHSA By-Laws, Names of Officers, the NMHSA Brochure and other relevant information.

Memberships are renewable annually.  The membership year is January 1 through December 31.  The dues are based on a sliding scale as follows:
  • Class A              Directors        $40.00
  • Class B              Staff                $15.00
  • Class C              Parents           $ 5.00
  • Class D             Friends            $25.00
  • Class E              Honorary       $15.00

The individual registration fee for the annual Early Childhood Professional Development Institute will include the annual membership dues for the NMHSA regardless of class distinction.

All paid members of the Association have equal rights and privileges to all business of the general body of the NMHSA.   Members are required to sign in at each NMHSA meeting attended and sign-in sheets will be attached to the minutes of the meeting.

The immediate past president of the NMHSA shall become an ex-officio (ad hoc) member of the Board of Directors should he/she not be re-elected.